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Smart Productivity

Adaptive Focus™ Technology is driven by cutting edge artificial intelligence that rethinks the manner in which you stay productive.

Personalized Studying

OnTrack delivers a personalized blocking system for you that adapts to your study habits and material to increase productivity.

Focused Time

Everyone needs breaks, and OnTrack knows that. Therefore, you can pick an amount of time for how long you want to work.

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"OnTrack helped me get so much
more work done. It basically allowed
me to finish all my work in half the
time. As a biology major, I was so
glad that I found this extension, and
look forward to using it throughout
college and after!"

- Harold K. Wood, MIT Undergraduate Student

"I'll be honest - there are bugs, but that's what's expected with any new product. The overall idea, finish, and functionality, however, are splendid. It is a must add!

Andrew Markle, Columbia Student

"Thank god I found OnTrack. I don't know what I would've done without it. I think this is the best productivity tool I've ever used.

Hazel J. Tao, Stanford Student

"I've used so many productivity tools over the years - Freedom, StayFocusd, you name it. None of them come even close to OnTrack though. It's so helpful for me!

Pranav Bala, Twitter Intern

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