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Using Parental OnTrack, block distracting websites, keep an eye on your child, and increase their focus

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Study Sessions

Parents can create personalized study sessions for their children. Set a subject and time, and hit start!

Tab Feed

OnTrack allows parents to track the tabs that their child is accessing. View tabs open and the live tab being used

Blacklist Editor

Find websites that could distract your child? Easily blacklist them using our unique and clean dashboard features

Website Usage

Keep track of the amount of time your child spends on each website. This will help you analyze their overall productivity

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Beta Testers


Increase in Productivity


Overall Satisfaction


Increase in Grades


"After my son entered fourth grade, he was lost. His time in lower elementary didn't prepare him
for the homework load he started to receive. I found OnTrack in the Chrome Store and decided to give it a try. I could finally help my son get his work done, while also tracking the websites he was surfing. I don't know what I would do without this extension.

- Eleanor M. Grant

"I'll be honest - there are bugs, but that's what's expected with any new product. The overall idea, finish, and functionality, however, are perfect for my family

Noah Dash

"I can't believe how helpful OnTrack has been for my children. They're finally on top of all their work!

Cassandra K. Coughlin

"Beta testing for OnTrack has been an amazing experience. Creating study sessions for my kids has helped them a lot

Frederick Jessier

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